An essential addition to the advanced level ESL classroom. By studying the varied and interesting dialogues and completing the challenging exercises, students will dramatically improve their comprehension and usage of everyday idioms and advanced level vocabulary.

The book follows Andre, a student from Switzerland, as he spends a year completing his English studies at a private language school in North America: from his arrival at the airport, to getting around the city, to attending school, to hanging out with his classmates. All of the situations and related language are real and directly relevant to adult ESL students.

Join Andre on his one-year adventure. It’s about to begin just outside the airport terminal...

Book Reviews:

"An invaluable workbook"
Reviewed by: N. Goldman, Editor of

"A thorough guide"
Reviewed by: H. Froeschl of

"A fun and very relevant way to learn English idioms"
Reviewed by: D. Peterson of


A Year in the Life is now available through a new publisher, Wheatmark Inc. The book may be temporarily unavailable through some secondary online distributors. However, it can be purchased from either the Wheatmark bookstore or

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